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In January 2014, IRENA and 35 leading players in renewable energy from around the world jointly established a Coalition for Action to bolster public support for renewable energy. The Coalition primarily aims to promote the wider and faster uptake of renewable energy technologies by improving the public’s understanding of the advantages and benefits.
Ensuring full public confidence in renewable energy technologies has emerged as a key factor for fast-tracking their deployment, which is vital to achieve a sustainable energy future. The Coalition for Action aims to communicate clear, truthful messages on renewable energy with the public and decision makers around the world through a wide range of channels, including web portals, media articles, publications, social networks and public dialogue.
Our activities:
The Coalition activities are currently focused on two main areas, with the possibility to expand to other topics and activities.
A Communication campaign to promote renewable energy facts and truths. The campaign is structured in a way to promote the overall adoption of renewables through an overarching message, while a set of specific communication messages that address the key benefits, strengths and truths of renewables converge to support the overarching general message. The campaign will also focus on spreading the messages to a non-renewable energy audience, decision makers and the general public in order to bolster public support for renewable energy deployment.
Development of a Renewables Made label for companies using renewable energy for their production needs.  This project aims to build on the existing label which focused on products produced from Wind Energy.  With the ongoing transition of some of the leading global companies in the world to renewable energy, the Renewable Made Label aims to be the standard certificate for all products produced using renewable energy.