At the Seventh Clean Energy Ministerial in 2016 (CEM7), an international assembly of high-level leaders including IRENA, launched the Corporate Sourcing of Renewables Campaign. Under this campaign and with the support of the Coalition for Action, IRENA is developing the first global reference index on corporate sourcing of renewables - the REmade Index report. When completed, the Index report will highlight the latest corporate sourcing trends, recognize companies sourcing renewables, and provide recommendations to further boost the corporate sourcing of renewables.


To ensure that companies’ experience is captured in the REmade Index report, companies are invited to participate in a Corporate Questionnaire Survey on renewable energy targets and strategy, energy and electricity consumption levels, the main drivers and barriers for sourcing renewable energy, etc. By participating in the Questionnaire Survey, companies will be acknowledged in the REmade Index report for their contribution and effort in sourcing renewable energy.

To participate, please download the questionnaire by indicating your company name and e-mail address in the box to your right and submit the filled-out questionnaire to By submitting the filled-out questionnaire, you indicate that you understand the purpose of the Questionnaire Survey and consent to the terms and conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact the IRENA Secretariat at should you have any questions regarding the Questionnaire Survey or need further assistance to submit your input.

Thank you for participating. We are looking forward to receiving your answers.
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