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In January 2014, the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and 35 players in renewable energy from around the world jointly established a Coalition for Action to promote the wider and faster uptake of renewable energy technologies.

The IRENA Coalition for Action forms a key international network to discuss industry trends, determine actions, share knowledge and exchange best practices with the vision to drive the global energy transition in line with the Sustainable Development Goal on energy. Its mission is to convene a global dialogue amongst non-governmental and governmental stakeholders to develop actions to increasing the share of renewables in the global energy mix.

Today, the Coalition brings together over 95 leading renewable energy players including private sector companies, industry associations, civil society, research institutes and intergovernmental organisations.

IRENA acts as the Secretariat of the Coalition.


Activities and Working Groups

The Coalition offers a number of opportunities to engage in the below working groups and IRENA’s strategic and programmatic activities.

Business and Investors Group

Engages in activities that address barriers to scaling up renewable energy investments in emerging markets. Building on its white paper on this topic, the Group conducts country-specific work in high-potential markets through public-private dialogues and capacity building.

Community Energy Group

Focuses on driving community energy investments and promoting policies that empower communities and citizens to participate in energy decision-making. After launching a white paper on best practices for community energy, the Group is developing actionable insights and engaging with stakeholders to scale up community energy practices around the world.

Communications Group

Aligns communication messages among Coalition members, amplifying each other’s events and activities, and creating joint communication campaigns. Joint campaigns in 2018 were 1) #Renewables4Development, which focused on the socio-economic benefits of renewables, and 2) #Renewables4Climate, which targeted COP24.

Towards 100% RE Group

Explores the transition to 100% renewable energy in all end-use sectors.  Having launched white papers on governments and utilities transitioning to 100% renewable energy, the Group continues to build momentum for renewables by examining the roles of other key actors – such as end-users – in the energy transformation.

Coalition Events and Campaigns

  • 13 January 2020 | Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Coalition for Action Annual Strategy Meeting 2020

    The fourth IRENA Coalition for Action Annual Strategy Meeting took place in conjunction with the 10th Session of the IRENA Assembly and the World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi. This was a closed meeting for Coalition members only.
  • 10 January 2020 | Abu Dhabi, UAE

    IRENA Public-Private Dialogue 2020

    At the 10th Session of the IRENA Assembly, the third IRENA Public-Private Dialogue consisted of two dynamic sessions, convening policymakers, legislators, and members of the Coalition for Action. The first session discussed opportunities to increase variable renewable energy penetration with a focus on power market setup and supporting policies. The second session discussed barriers in African energy markets that need to be addressed in order for the private sector to work closer with governments and expand investments in renewable energy while maximizing socio-economic benefits and prosperity.

Supported Events and Campaigns

  • 28 – 29 May 2019 | Bonn, Germany

    4th International Community Wind Symposium and Community Power Forum 2019

    WWEA and LEE NRW organised this event, which brought together renewable energy and community power experts from around the world to discuss how new alliances can help community power play a key role in the renewable energy transition.
  • 08 – 10 November 2018 | Bamako, Mali

    2nd World Community Power Conference

    WWEA and the Mali Folkecenter, together with the ISEP, hosted this event which brought together large numbers of national, regional and international community power stakeholders to provide a launch pad for the community power concept in Africa.


Towards 100% Renewable Energy: Utilities in Transition

The paper explores the role of energy utilities in the renewable energy transformation.  Featuring case studies and first-hand interviews, the paper outlines achievements and implementation strategies of national, regional and local utilities switching to 100% renewable energy. The paper also includes an updated mapping of national and sub-national 100% renewable energy targets.

Towards 100% Renewable Energy: Status, Trends, and Lessons Learned

This white paper presents the first global mapping of national and sub-national 100% renewable energy targets.  Drawing from case studies of countries, regions, cities and islands moving towards 100% renewables in different end-uses, the paper offers lessons learned for defining targets and developing implementation frameworks for a 100% renewable future.

Scaling up renewable energy investments in emerging markets: challenges, risks and solutions

Based on previous analyses and on-the-ground experiences of leading private-sector players in the renewable energy field, this white paper identifies key barriers to scaling-up renewable energy investments in high-potential emerging markets and proposes tools and policies for overcoming these challenges.

Community Energy: broadening the ownership of renewables

This white paper discusses the benefits and implementation challenges of community energy, and outlines actions that governments and other key actors can take to promote community ownership of renewables around the world.

IRENA Coalition for Action Members

Since its formation in 2014, the IRENA Coalition for Action has grown to consist of over 95 members, including private sector companies, industry associations, civil society, research institutes and intergovernmental organisations.

The Coalition is open to legal entities supporting the widespread adoption and sustainable use of all forms of renewable energy, and meeting the requirements outlined in the Coalition for Action Structure Document.

To become a member of the Coalition for Action, please fill out the membership form and email it to coalition@irena.org.

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IRENA Coalition for Action is supported and facilitated by the International Renewable Energy Agency.

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