Country papers: Scaling up Renewable Energy Investment in Emerging Markets

Based on its engagement on the ground, the Coalition Business and Investors Group has put together country-specific papers with recommendations to enable the scaling up of renewable energy investments. See country papers for Algeria, Colombia, Jordan, Tunisia and Viet Nam.

Call to Action in Response to COVID-19: Renewable Energy is a Key Part of the Solution

Renewable energy can play a key role in the economic recovery from COVID-19 by ensuring energy security, creating jobs and strengthening resilience to safeguard people’s health and welfare. This statement contains eight key actions that governments should take to ensure economic recovery that aligns with global climate and sustainability objectives.

Towards 100% Renewable Energy: Utilities in Transition

The paper explores the role of energy utilities in the renewable energy transformation.  Featuring case studies and first-hand interviews, the paper outlines achievements and implementation strategies of national, regional and local utilities switching to 100% renewable energy. The paper also includes an updated mapping of national and sub-national 100% renewable energy targets.

Towards 100% Renewable Energy: Status, Trends, and Lessons Learned

This white paper presents the first global mapping of national and sub-national 100% renewable energy targets.  Drawing from case studies of countries, regions, cities and islands moving towards 100% renewables in different end-uses, the paper offers lessons learned for defining targets and developing implementation frameworks for a 100% renewable future.

Scaling up renewable energy investments in emerging markets: challenges, risks and solutions

Based on previous analyses and on-the-ground experiences of leading private-sector players in the renewable energy field, this white paper identifies key barriers to scaling-up renewable energy investments in high-potential emerging markets and proposes tools and policies for overcoming these challenges.

Community Energy: broadening the ownership of renewables

This white paper discusses the benefits and implementation challenges of community energy, and outlines actions that governments and other key actors can take to promote community ownership of renewables around the world.


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